Front floor cleanup

Gus’s front floor was pretty rusty. A lot of VW buses have this problem. Luckily for Gus (and me), the rust hadn’t gone all the way through. So I busted out the trusty POR-15 products once again and got to work.

This is after using a wire brush to scrape off the loose rust.


This is after an application of Marine Clean.

This is the Metal Prep soaking into the rust.

And here it is with the POR-15 coat. The pictures that follow are the other side…

And, the finished result on both sides:

Sorry for all the photos, but when I’m reading a restoration of a vehicle, I love to look at lots of pics. I honestly have no idea how the POR-15 will work on the painted surfaces (it’s designed for rusty areas), but I wanted this whole area to be coated, as it will receive moisture in the future. I’ll topcoat it with some primer and paint later. Then it gets covered with a rubber mat, so it’s for the most part not an area that gets seen very often. Hopefully the POR-15 does the job and prevents further rust.

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