2011 VWs on the Green Part Four

The May 22, 2011 Volkswagens On The Green was such a packed show, I took tons of pictures. Here are some more…

I saw this one last year also – the owner was never around…I wanted to find out if the keg actually worked!

The racing harness seatbelts in this Vanagon made me laugh…

Until I discovered it is powered by a 350 Chevy V8!! I bet this van really hauls.

We talked to the owner of this Split Window/Beetle combo for quite awhile. I’m normally not a fan of these, but this one was nicely done. And they have owned it since the early 70s and did the work themselves. The interior was done back then – I think it still looks good now.

Somehow we happened to be there when the show photog was wandering around, so we all ended up in the photo. I’m the could stand to lose a few pounds fella on the right.

Let’s have some Bay love.

Cool interior.

I took this because of the sticker – you probably don’t see a lot of these on buses.

I kind of liked this saw rack for some reason.

A couple of interiors I liked.

I think I’ve got enough pictures for a Part 5, so stay tuned…

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