Nose paint fail

I was excited at the prospect of having some time to work on Gus. The front end has been bare metal for some time, so I decided to try and finish it up over Labor Day weekend.

Here’s what it looked like a couple of weeks ago – it’s been in this state for awhile. So I got to work finishing stripping the rust/paint off, and adding in some Bondo on a couple of dented areas.

I next sprayed some Rustoleum primer on. I kind of like the color – looks like one of the German military buses back in the day.

After my friend Mike (who works in environmental cleanup and knows a lot about these things) scared me about painting at home, I decided it was best to follow his advice. Plus he sent me a ton of cool stuff to use while painting.

Here I am fresh off the set of Contagion. I found Jude Law to be quite charming.

While wearing this suit and gloves, I literally sweat the most I ever have. Ever. No joke, at one point I turned my glove upside down and a bunch of water sweat ran out. But I couldn’t smell any paint fumes, so I guess it worked. With the fan blowing out of the garage, I probably gassed half the neighborhood though.

For my first time using a large spraygun (I was an illustration major in college, with an emphasis in airbrush, so this was just like a bigger airbrush) it came out really good (other than random chunks of white paint spewing out from the last time the gun was used by my neighbor) considering it was an antique Craftsman spraygun I bought at a flea market for $5. No runs, no drips, no errors. Well, other than the small issue of the color. I kept waiting for the color to darken. It never did.

I took the can back into Sherwin Williams today to see what happened. The clerk told me the Dimension paint line wasn’t really made for matching colors. I told him it would be nice if we could get it in the same color family, more of a carrot baby poop color than a squash baby poop. So he is matching it by eye (which they did with the top color, and did a nice job of), and I’m picking it up soon. Keep your fingers crossed…otherwise I may be doing a custom nose paint job.

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