Gas pedal restoration

One of the times starting Gus, I noticed that the gas pedal seemed a little funny. It would stick and wouldn’t raise all the way back up. I bought a new hinge and spring kit, thinking that would solve the problem. I hadn’t gotten around to installing them yet, when the entire pedal decided to break off from the floor.

I wonder why it broke? That floor looks perfectly normal to me. :)

Part of the hinge on the pedal rusted out.

The red circled part is supposed to be where the arrow is pointing. I think a new pedal is about $20 or so, but I decided to break out the welder to see if I could fix it.

Pedal before wire brush

The pedal after a little wire brushing. So shiny.

I lined up the part that needed welding back onto the pedal (on the right) with the new hinge pin I bought.

Then it was time for some sloppy looking, but strong welds. Notice how I like to keep a nice tidy work area at all times.

After a little more wire brushing. I put a weld on the unbroken piece also.

Time for paint! I used some leftover Rustoleum black spray paint. Gus eagerly awaits in the backround.

All done! Now it just needs to be installed. I’ve got some floor derusting, cleanup, and POR-15 to do before that though. A pretty easy project – I’d much rather restore something original than buy something new.

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