Nose job

I’ve been working on Gus’s nose slowly but surely. One of the main reasons I started this project was to get rid of the spare tire carrier that was mounted on the front, and go with the VW logo. Also I had the windshield out to do the lip restoration, so I am sanding the whole nose.

Here are the leftovers from the studs that I welded on with the stud welder to pull a dent.

After a little sanding. There’s a lot of rust spots from rock chips over the years.

There are seven holes left over from where they spare tire mount was mounted. Three of them are actually the ones used for mounting the VW emblem, so I’ll leave those and weld in new metal on the other four.

I used a bit of electrical tape to hold the new metal in place before I welded. The metal is pretty thin, so I kept blasting new holes in the metal while I was welding.

This is pretty ugly, but it will be ground down smooth.

This is after grinding. There are still some small holes to be filled in with some more welding.

Here the holes are mostly welded shut, with only some small pinholes remaining to be filled with weld.

Here’s the same hole as before after more welding and grinding. I’ll be putting a thin skim layer of filler (body putty) once the entire front is sanded to give a smooth flat finish.

And here’s after all the holes are filled. You can see the three that remain where the VW emblem will mount. I did a little more sanding, with more to go.

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