A few weeks ago I went in to my local Sherwin Williams Automotive paint dealer to see about getting some paint for the front end of Gus. I have a paint chip swatch for 1978 Volkswagen colors, so I brought that along, as well as this piece I unbolted for a color match.

It was a good thing I brought along the piece, as they were able to find the “Panama Brown” paint (the orangey color) in their system, but couldn’t find the “Dakota Beige” – so they had to color match it. They did an excellent job color matching.

I also ended up getting Reducer (which apparently allows you to spray the paint) and Hardener (which, like the name suggests, apparently hardens the paint). The guy at the counter said I would need these. I probably do. I’ll be using the paint to spray Gus’s nose after I finish sanding the remaining rust spots. I’ll use the Dakota Beige on the front floor as well.

This Sunday is the VWs On The Green show in Golden, Colorado. We’ll be heading up there, and probably stopping at Woody’s Pizza for lunch. They have the best beer cheese soup on the planet. Seriously. We went last year, and my goal was to drive Gus to the show this year. That’s not going to happen, but I have made more progress on Gus in the last year than I have in the whole time I’ve owned him.

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