Volkswagens On The Green 2011

Yesterday we made it out to the 17th Annual Volkswagens On The Green show in Golden, Colorado. As you can see, this show is no longer “on the green.” We went last year also, and this year there seemed like there were a lot more vehicles. Definitely more buses.

The brown bus in the front was very nicely done. And it was powered by a Subaru engine.

We talked to this owner for awhile – a fellow ’78 bus. She even let our daughter climb up in the child cot! So it looks like Gus will be adding one in the future.

A rare (in the States anyway) Dormobile. I talked to the owner – apparently there are only about 100 in the U.S., and 4-5 in Colorado. I saw one in Colorado Springs last year at a show. I stood inside this one – lots of headroom. A single cot runs along the roof inside – doesn’t look too comfortable.

I picked up a new outside passenger door handle for Gus at the bargain price of $5 (original price $10). I originally had $10, but my family took it to get a funnel cake. When I explained this to the vendor, I asked if he’d take $5 for it. He agreed – very cool.

I also got this shirt for $10. Pretty funny.

Many more pics to follow in later posts!

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