2011 Volkswagens On The Green Part Three Pics

Here are some more pics from the 2011 Volkswagens On The Green show in Golden, CO.

Gus’s Vanagon twin. Love the color combo!

Hello beautiful. How you doin’?

I love this Karmann Ghia. Perfect color. This was a fantastic car.

I took a lot of Karmann Ghia pictures. Maybe I’ll get one someday…

Type 3s seemed a bit sparse, but there were a few:

Someday I will own a Squareback. Oh yes, I will.

Nice looking Notchback.

Is that Ludwig CampervanBeethoven? (nah, just a look-alike)

My daughter wanted her picture by this dune buggy (she loves pink and purple). The owner said, “Wait a minute! I have the perfect accessory!” …and handed her the purple purse.

Stay tuned…I’ve got a few more pics to put up.

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