Glamour shots

A few weeks ago when Gus was out of the garage for Joe’s visit, I decided to take some photos of the old guy (Gus, that is) since he rarely comes out of his (un)natural habitat, the garage.

His rare visit to the driveway attracted curious onlookers (well, my son, daughter and her friends) who wanted to explore the “scary” upper sleeping berth (scary since the driveway has quite a bit of slant to it).

What’s better than two kids in the top bunk?

Three kids of course! And what’s better than three kids in the top bunk? (you can see where this is going)

Four kids!

Here is my son lounging in the back seat, unaware that an arm is randomly hanging from above.

And a few random shots I took since I rarely get a good photo op. Bonus that Gus made it back into the garage under his own power – I didn’t have to give him a jump. It looked like it was going to rain, so it was time to pack it up and pack it in.

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