Windshield install Part I

(not really installed yet – just sitting there)

So now after the front end is painted and the windshield lip rust has been fixed, it’s time to reinstall Gus’s windshield. The original windshield was cracked in a few places, so I picked this one up from a junkyard in Denver in the dead of winter (that was fun…). I think it was $25 or $30. It’s got one little star area which I plan to seal with windshield chip sealer.

I’ve had a windshield seal for quite awhile, so from everything I read about it you are supposed to sit them out in the sun so they are more pliable. I also soaked it in a bucket of hot soapy water.

You are also supposed to insert a cord of some type to use to pull the inside lip out when you are installing the windshield. I used speaker wire, as I believe some have done. Here’s a close up look at it.

And here is the seal installed on the windshield. Super easy.

Except that it wasn’t super easy. What is NOT shown is the hour to hour and a half I took putting that #&*%@ing thing on. Maybe I went about it the wrong way…who knows. My fingers still hurt three days later. But I got it on finally. And now comes the part which is considered the worst part – the actual install. I haven’t attempted it yet…hoping it goes smoothly. Knowing that it won’t.

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