Windshield Install Part Deux

I should have called this post “windsheild” install, because no matter how many times I type it, I always type it that way first. Anyway…I got the windshield finally installed into Gus. It was a pain to get lined up on the bottom lip, as the directions I read in a book (the strangely titled How To Restore Volkswagen Bus  ) said to do. I seriously thought there was no way it was going to fit, as the top corners were way out at first. But if you get it lined up on the bottom correctly, it just goes on. Using the speaker wire as my inside cord worked great…until I got to the very top inside and my cord pulled out without pulling the seal over the lip behind the rearview mirror.

(note to you, Gentle Reader…if you attempt this yourself, make sure you end your cord pull on the top at a point OTHER than right behind the rearview mirror – otherwise if you screw up as I did you will have little room to work behind the mirror.)

Luckily at that point my neighbor wandered over, and gave me a hand as I used some sort of hook-like tool that I found in my toolbox (I have no clue what it is – how did it end up in my toolbox?? This is when it is good to be a packrat) to force the remaining seal over the lip. He pushed from the outside while I finished putting the seal lip on the inside.

None of this probably makes any sense to you, unless you’ve done this or attempted it before, so here are some pretty pictures to look at.

This is the outside seal at the bottom.

This blurry picture is the inside seal that the speaker wire helps to pull over the metal lip of the windshield opening. This is a picture of it installed, after the wire has been pulled out.

Not too shabby. The whole seal seems to be shifted to the passenger side a tiny bit, so I may do some additional work to try and get it straightened in the opening. It was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be. The palm of my hand did hurt for a few days afterwards though (you have to slap the glass sometimes with an open hand to get it to fit properly).

I also discovered that when I did my ghetto roller job on the top, I scratched up the passenger door quite a bit – the door was open and was rubbing on the corner of my table saw.

Awesome. But, Gus is one step closer to getting on the road.

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