New engine

Gus doesn’t (as far as I know) really need a new engine, but I found a great deal on craigslist that I couldn’t pass up.

VW bus motor two liter FI – $125

Motor ran fine when removed except for what I believe is a blown gasket on one of the heads. It’s fuel injected and most everthing is still on it. It’s a builder. I have been waiting for the bus to come along, but now I’m just becoming realistist and don’t forsee having time to work on it. It’s a good one and a good price if you need one and have the time.

I talked to the owner a few times on the phone, and made a trip into Denver to pick it up. I was pleasantly surprised at how clean the engine was. The owner mentioned it was in his dad’s bus, and his dad passed away and he inherited a lot of his VW stuff. Apparently this engine was leaking oil from around one of the cylinders, but his dad just kept adding oil all the way from Tennessee to Michigan. He mentioned that his dad was quite the VW mechanic.

I told him I wanted a spare engine that I could rebuild. He said he didn’t think this one needed much of anything, other than resealing where the leak is. So I’m going to do a compression check to see how it checks out…it’s a GD (I asked the owner “Ted” on the phone if he knew what the engine code was, and he said, “It’s GD, like God Damn.” Nice. :) ) Gus has a GE engine, so this GD engine is probably from early 1976, as near as I can figure out. I believe they are pretty much the same engine. I think some of the wiring is different from year to year, so if I did switch out engines I would use Gus’s wiring.

Here’s some pics:

I also filled up Gus’s gas tank with Sta-bil this weekend, and ran him for a few minutes. I was tempted to give him another drive, but he is surrounded by crap things after a garage cleaning.

If you happened to visit Gus’s website in the next few days, you might notice a different look. I’m going to try out a new design. The current design was taken from my other blog Eating Peaches, and never really got it’s own look. So I’ve got a more travel-looking theme coming…stay tuned!

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