Door Panel Refresh

Gus’s door panels are wavy like Ruffles potato chips. Wavy is good in a potato chip, but not in a door panel. They sustained some water damage at some point, and part of the back of one of them is falling apart.

A long time ago I found this post from the Itinerant-Air-Cooled website about redoing the bus door panels.  Interesting side note – the blog with the door panels is run by a guy who (we discovered by posting on a Itinerant-Air-Cooled post) lives in the same town as me. Small world! He has since sold the bus though – I did manage to see it one time driving by his house. The cool thing in his post was that he had the same problem with wavy door panels, and solved the problem by soaking them in the bathtub and then clamping wood over the warped areas to straighten them. Genius! I never would have thought of that, so I decided to give it a try.

Now in his blog post he was going to recover the panels, but I am going to keep mine the same, as the vinyl is in good shape – just the cardboard-like material is warped.

So I ran some water in the tub, and soaked the warped areas for a few minutes.

I then took the panels out to the garage and clamped some wood and whatever flat materials I could find (leftover ceramic tiles) to the panels.

The one panel that has the pieces falling out of the back of it I am going to fill in with some bondo I think, just so it stays together. I checked one of the panels this morning (after it has been drying/clamped together for two days), and it’s flat!!! I’m very excited, as I didn’t want to buy new door panels. I’m going to install some door speakers in the holes when I remount the panels.

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