New VW emblem

Gus received a few gifts for Christmas. One of which was a new VW emblem for his nose. If you remember from a previous post, Gus used to have a spare tire mounted to his front end.

I removed the spare tire mount, welded up the old holes and painted the front. I didn’t quite get the nose totally straight, which is partly due to Gus having received a replacement front end sometime in his life. It’s pretty cheap metal, and pops in and out if you push on it right. Plus I’m guessing the spare tire hanging on the metal didn’t help things.

So when I went to put the new emblem on, I figured it would be an easy job. Three holes, which each take one emblem clip which secures the emblem. Five minute job. Well, nothing on Gus takes five minutes. The aftermarket emblem holders were extremely cheap – they started to collapse as I put them in the holes. But I managed to make them work. But a new problem quickly surfaced. None of the three would keep the emblem flat – meaning because of the bumpy, pops in and out nature of Gus’s nose, the emblem wouldn’t stay attached in all three holes. So now what? I don’t want Gus’s logo to end up on one of the Beastie Boys, so I needed to come up with a more permanent solution.

I decided the best way to get the emblem to lie flat would be to screw it onto the nose. So I drilled three small holes through the emblem and into the nose – one at the top and two at the bottom (they are in different locations than the stock mounting holes). I then took sheet metal screws I had lying around, and ground down the heads so they would fit semi-flush into the emblem.

I used a slotted head rather than a Phillips head screw mainly for aesthetic reasons – I wanted the slot to follow the contour of the emblem.

You can see how it now sits nicely flush with the nose. And no kid is going to steal it, at least not very easily. The screws are not easily seen, which is what I was going for. It’s not totally stock, obviously, but I like the fact that the emblem isn’t going to pop off going down the road.

Gus seems to like it!

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