VW Bus Child’s Bed and Playhouse!!

If you’ve never seen the website instructables.com, it’s worth a look if you are a do-it-yourselfer. They have tons of projects that people have created, and they post the directions how to make the project, materials needed, etc.  They have an email newsletter you can sign up for, and they send you some of the latest projects people have posted. I subscribe to it, and this morning I was pleasantly surprised to see this!

The Micro-Bus Bunk Bed and Playhouse  (click on the link to go to the actual page with instructions)

It’s a child’s bunk bed created to look like a VW bus! And underneath the sleeping area is a playhouse, complete with a steering wheel, and closing side doors. Pretty neat. And I like the fact that the project author painted the bed in Gus’s colors…

Now if I were to make this bed, I would make the front paint a bay window style, without the paint swoop of the early split style, since the window looks like a bay window anyway.

I just might have to make this for my son – he loves playing in Gus!

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