Spring Cleaning

I noticed that quite a few VW bloggers have been absent lately…including me. I guess Spring Fever hit us all at the same time. I did take the opportunity to get quite a bit done on Gus. I’ve got the muffler on, the lights all work, and I’ve been working on my list to try and get Gus on the road for the May 20th VWs on the Green show.

And I had some help recently – unsolicited. My daughter asked if she could help me work on the bus! So I found a few things for her to do.

Here she is scrubbing the front floor mat.

A little help from a little bro.

And a little interior cleaning as well.

Here’s a cleaned and non-cleaned version of the front step mats – they came out great! They look almost brand new.

Here it is installed. I had some good helpers, and we all got a lot of cleaning done! Stay tuned for some posts on the light and muffler installations.

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