2013 Volkswagens on the Green show

Another year, another VWs on the Green show that Gus didn’t make it to. But I have made some progress – current bad engine is almost out, and on the replacement engine I’ve removed all the hoses, retorqued the cylinder heads, and cleaned it up a bit.

The 2013 Volkswagens on the Green show had a lot of fantastic vintage VWs, as usual. Maybe next year Gus will make it… (I’ve been saying that for four years now I think…)

Love this split with the vintage canoe.

Nicely done Riviera camper conversion.

Beautiful split.

I’m pretty sure I talked to the owner of this one last year at the show. This is a beautiful restoration – I think he’s pretty active on thesamba…can’t remember his name though.

I seem to remember a thread about this fire extinguisher – it’s an original Super 6. (I love when people try to get the correct period equipment for their vintage VWs…I however, just would love to get Gus on the road!)

Love this shot.

Someday…a squareback will join my garage…

I have a lot more pics to post, including some Volkswagen and related oddities…stay tuned!

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