The Beginning, Part Two


Rewind a few years – quite a few years really, to the late 1970s (it was actually probably the early 80s). As a kid I used to go to the library a lot, as it was only a block from my house. I would check out all kinds of books, but the one that really fascinated me was a book on building your own custom van. It was probably called “Do-It-Yourselfer’s Guide To Van Conversion” (an actual title) or something like that. I was fascinated by the fact that you could actually live in a van (down by the river). I wanted to build my own, but I was in junior high and had no money. It was basically that crazy custom van crazy of the ’70s, and I got the fever a little late. By the time high school came around, the custom van fad was gone.

Around 1996 or so I almost bought a VW bus. I can’t actually remember what kind it was, or the year. Pretty sad considering how into them I’ve become.

So…now we’re back to the end of 2006. I’ve sold my Galaxie, and I am looking for another classic car. I was fascinated by a car I had seen in Arizona on a trip – what I later learned was a VW Squareback. So I then found the mother of all aircooled VW websites, As with all forums, I needed a name. So I went on the Yahoo! English to German translator webpage, and typed in squareback. and it spit out Quadratrückseite, which is a made up word I’m pretty sure – so I used that as my forum name. I started asking questions about the different types of aircooled VWs, and which one would be good for our family. It just so happened there was a VW show in Greensboro, NC coming up, so we made the trip to check them out.

Here’s some pics from that show – I still love this squareback.

After seeing them all in person, we decided the squareback (and the split window buses) – although very cool, were too small inside. So the winner would be the bay window bus. And as luck would have it, I found one on craigslist a few days after the show.

More in The Beginning, Part Three…

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