The Volkswagens of Ireland

So not much has gotten done with Gus lately…but a fun trip to Ireland by his owners did occur. And how could I not resist taking pictures of VWs in Ireland? I didn’t see any old bays or splits while I was there, but saw a lot of newer vans and one Vanagon (just called Transporter over there).

This is a Volkswagen Touran in Banbridge, Northern Ireland. They don’t sell them in the U.S., but it’s a nice sized vehicle based on the Golf Mk5. This vehicle actually is very similar in size to a Bay Window bus.

Transporter (T5) in Downpatrick, which would be the modern lineal descendant of the original Bus. Also not sold in the U.S.

Ah…now we’re a lot closer to Gus. In the U.S. this was sold as the Vanagon – it was a T3 Type 2 Transporter elsewhere. Check out the badging. This one is a camper.

Another Transporter T5 – panel van.

Not really sure what this one is, but it’s cool. Might be called a Volkswagen Caddy.

Another T5 Transporter in Drogheda.

I thought this camper was cool, as I know Karmann Mobil made a funky looking Bay Window camper version back in the day. This was in the parking lot of the Bushmills Whiskey Distillery.

A working VW at the Bushmills Distillery.

A VW Transporter (T4) – known in the U.S. as the Eurovan. Not sure if this was a camper or just had an extended top.

Another T4.

Funky looking Westfalia Eurovan camper near the Giant’s Causeway – actually in the parking lot for the Carrick-a-rede rope bridge.

And last, but not least – I found this nice artwork print in the F.E McWilliam Gallery and Studio gift shop. I didn’t buy it, as it was £55, which I had no idea was that translated to in U.S. dollars…only that it was more than $55 U.S. It was still a cool print though.

Ireland has a lot of cool VWs (and other cars) that you don’t see in the U.S. A lot of small cars – not a ton of SUV looking vehicles.

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